How does the room size matter for a room heater?

A room heater is an absolute necessity during the winter when the temperature is very low and even though it’s not very heftily priced we need to still consider a few points before we indulge in buying a new one for ourselves. We need to concentrate on three basic points before we buy a room heater, which are as follows:

  • The type of room heater we’d like
  • The area that would be covered by the room heater
  • Design variety of room heater that is available

Deciding on the type of room heater

Room heaters are basically of two types and we shall discuss in details below so that our decision to buy a room heater gets a strong base.

  1. Radiant Room Heaters

Radiant room heater have quartz or other metal reflectors in them to circulate heat waves all over the room. They are the most widely used and have a very convenient system for cooling down the temperature. They are absolutely safe and very effective to use in the household.

  1. Convection Room Heaters

These types of room heaters are very dynamic as they have the power and capability to heat up a room in a jiffy. These are so convenient that during the summers, if the built in fans are switched on it starts acting like a cooler after the heating button is switched off.

Deciding according to the area it has to cover

Before we buy a new room heater for ourselves we must decide on the area of the room that it has to cover. The wattage of a room heater is directly proportional to the area it can cover. If we buy something that is either too less for a room it will take hours to heat up and the purpose will not be served. Similarly, if a heater which is of more wattage is , it will heat up the room uncomfortably and will give it a feel like a blast furnace. We must anyway remember that for every 150 sq. feet of area 1500 watts is required.

Deciding the heater from the variety of design available

There are some popular room heater designs which are available in the market, so we should have a profound look at the designs at first:

Baseboard Room Heater: These room heaters are modern and can be installed at any corner of the room. They are absolutely space saving and have a low profile and are apt for the small flats.

Freestanding Portable Room Heater: These room heater are the most popular ones bought from the market and are filled with oil and made of ceramic.

Wall Room Heater: These are fan forced room heaters which can be installed up against the walls. These heaters use convection waves to heat up the room.

Electric Fireplace Room Heater: On contrary to the traditional fire places these are the absolute alternatives. They are modern and perfect to hear up large rooms.

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